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Without giving too much away about Every Brilliant Thing, I will tell you that the main thread of the show is the list of all the brilliant things in life worth staying alive for that the main character makes to help his mother want to stay alive. By the end of the show his list has grown to one million items, contributed to by everyone in his life. He brings the list out in storage boxes and dumps them out for the audience to peruse.

Now, we are not going to have a million items in those boxes, but I’d like to have thousands, and we need your help: Send us every brilliant thing you can think of at Share with your friends!

Here are some of the amazing things already submitted:

  • Hundreds of brine shrimp eggs on my fingertip, dipped from a pond; spherical, identical, potential
  • A feeling of cool morning air hitting your face as the sun shines down on your sleepy face
  • Sharing an inside joke with your friends
  • The inspiration you feel from a good song
  • A full moon on a cold, clear night
  • Tiny baby feet
  • Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich
  • Kathleen Hanna’s voice: the way it can be playful one second and then melt-your-face-off with its fury in the next.

See? Anything that makes you happy to be alive.

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