About Lacuna

Lacuna Group is a loose-knit theatre collaborative specializing in original, devised, and experimental theatre. We don’t have a home base, nor do we have a season. Essentially, whenever one of us is interested in a piece, we’ll come together and work to make that happen. We’ve been inactive for a while, but 2024 and 2025 are shaping up to be very exciting. Watch this space as we rev back up for some pretty exciting new works!

Lacuna Group was started in 2007 as a theatre collaborative that lies dormant until one of us needs a theatre collaborative. In 2007 we pasted together — literally — a workshop performance of William Blake’s Inn to stimulate community interest in fully producing the piece, which didn’t happen. We also staged Shakespeare’s Coriolanus in the Greenville St. Park in Newnan, GA, our home base.

Now, after years of inactivity, we have once again sprung into action. Join us!